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Start Smart for Your Baby® (Start Smart) is our program for women who are pregnant and for moms who have just had a baby. Start Smart gives you information about how to take good care of yourself and your baby. Our Start Smart staff can answer questions and give you support if you are having a problem. We can even arrange for a home visit, if needed.

We care about the health of both you and your baby. We want to make sure you grow healthy and stay healthy. You should go to your doctor as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. It is important to take your baby to the doctor after they are born. They will need shots and health screenings.

Are you pregnant? Tell us right away!

Call Member Services at 1-866-433-6041 (TTY: 711). You can also login to your Absolute Total Care account or visit the Member Handbook and Forms page to fill out the Notification of Pregnancy form.