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Important Things to Know:

  • Our Find a Provider tool helps you search for a doctor by name, location, and specialty! This tool also has information about network providers such as:
    o Name, address, and phone numbers
    o Languages other than English
    o Professional qualifications
    o Specialty
    o If the provider is board certified
    o Accepting new patients
    o For more information about a provider’s medical school and residency call Member Services at 1-866-433-6041, TTY 711.
  • You may choose to have all family members served by the same primary care provider (PCP) or you may choose different PCP’s based on each family members’ needs.
  • Some providers may choose not to perform certain services based on religious or moral beliefs.  Click here for a list of providers who do not offer family planning services.
  • You can view information about the quality of hospitals in your area by using Hospital Compare.  Click here to start your comparison.
  • You can also view hospital accreditation information here.